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Matt Stone Joins Legal Aid Ontario

Matt is available to assist you with your criminal law matters in Sarnia. He has accepted a unique position that further enhances his original objectives when returning to Sarnia. Matt accepts Legal Aid certificates, performs duty counsel and enhanced duty counsel services.

Criminal Charges

Criminal courts can be a foreign place. We will take the time to explain the process so that you understand everything and you know what to expect. We can assist with all charges and offences from assault, theft, fraud, mischief and drug offences - possession, trafficking and importing. Bail Hearings, Pre-Trial, Resolution or Trial we can help today. Read our Blog for more information.

Domestic Violence

Are you charged with domestic violence? Is there threats of police calls, charges or a peace bond proceeding? Is someone repeatedly texting you, calling you or threatening you? Are you being accused of this?  Before you talk to anyone, especially the police call me today. I have meetings available within 24 hours and meet on an emergency basis.

Need quick Action?

When you have been charged with a criminal offence I act quickly.  I am there for you at the police station and at your bail hearing. You need someone that you can talk with quickly. If the police are at your door in Sarnia or they have arrested someone that you love or are calling. Call our 24 hour emergency line. We can schedule an appointment today in Sarnia and we will come to you.

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