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Restorative Justice approach in Sarnia Court

Restorative Justice approach utilized in Sarnia Court: Sarnia Observer link

Successful trial advocacy – Client acquitted of Assault with a weapon based upon self defence

After a trial, our client was acquitted of Assault with a weapon based upon he was defending himself and his roommate. Our client acknowledged striking a male to protect his roommate and later used a wrench to protect himself. Sarnia Observer article

We are growing and moving !!!

We are growing and moving again !!! We are on the same street, just at the other side of down town. We are across from the Sarnia Public Library. Contact Information Matt Stone, JD 144 Christina Street South Sarnia, Ontario N7T 2N1 Office/Collect: 519.344.4949 Fax:…

1 year for 97 grams of marijuana? Sarnia man sentence appeal makes it to the Toronto Star It appears someone from Sarnia was given a mandatory minimum sentence that does not exist.

Enhanced credit for pretrial custody for person with lengthy criminal record

In the Sarnia Court, I was successful in advocating for enhanced credit for pre-trial detention. In the article below, the crown’s initial position was 15 months. My result was 112 days pretrial custody equal to 168 days. The sentence was that of 6 months (12…

Get Away Driver found to be not guilty of Break and Enter at trial

See the article in the local paper where my client was found not guilty of break and enter at trial.

We are moving to 568 Christina Street North, Sarnia

Our offices are moving. We are now conveniently located across from the Sarnia Police station and just steps from the courthouse. We are also implementing standard office hours for new client intake on Mondays. Just call ahead and drop in for a brief initial consultation.…

You are going to be a surety in Sarnia court? You need to complete this form

When you attend the Sarnia courthouse at 700 North Christina Street in Sarnia, Ontario to be a surety you will have to fill out this form and have it with you. If you cannot print this, these forms are available on the third floor from…

Someone you know has been arrested and you have been asked to be a surety

Once someone has been arrested, their first concern is always – “do I go to jail now? Can I get bail?”. If you have not been in trouble before and the charges are minor, there is a good change the police will provide you with…

Do you know your rights if you are stopped by the police?

If you have been stopped or questioned by the Police in Sarnia, Corunna, Petrolia, Bright’s Grove or anywhere in Lambton county you should know that Police have certain powers. You also have rights. Police are the Sarnia Police, the OPP and the area Native Police.…